River City Writing helps clients think and write strategically when addressing opportunities related to career planning and organizational development.  We offer smart, strategic, and clear writing suggestions on various types of client documents, and have two related areas of focus.

 The first is career planning

  • getting started,
  • identifying skills and career highlights,
  • writing resumes and cover letters,
  • preparing for interviews.

Leadership development is central to our work. If you need a career coach, we can work with you; alternatively, if you just need written documents, we'll deliver.

The second area of focus is small business development

  • writing a business plan,
  • developing a marketing strategy,
  • creating public relations-type documents such as copy for websites and newsletters.

We specialize in working with self-starters.

 Our services inspire. Our pricing is reasonable and can be tailored to fit your budget. Our clients are diverse, for example, nurses, recent college graduates, analysts, and IT specialists to name a few.  We aim to help clients get better opportunities…because of us.