Your Linkedin Photo--Part of Your Brand

Do you have a photo on Linkedin? Caroline Fairchild, the New Economy Editor for Linkedin, says if you do have one you are more than 12 times likely to meet a recruiter through the website than those who do not. Ms. Fairchild made these remarks at a recent conference sponsored by Duke University. The conference focused on establishing and growing a professional network as one of many items on the "to do" list when planning a career change.

Okay, so now you have registered and placed a professional photo of yourself on the site. Step two is equally important, says Ms. Fairchild. She suggests publishing a "post". But "posting" what? The idea is to share your thoughts/insights on issues pertaining to your work experiences or related to career growth. In addition to work-related content, you could consider sharing your thoughts on some of your other interests--volunteering, coaching basketball, tutoring. In other words, this is a way for you to say to your readers "Here is what I'm thinking about today..." Of course, when writing keep your audience in mind. Posting gives you an opportunity for others to get to know you better...make it count.