Business Help


Improving organizational performance is at the top of all business leaders “to do” lists.  There are many written documents that help leaders make good decisions about their businesses.  In general, these materials identify business goals, describe reasons they are attainable, and outline plans for reaching them. Recognizing that development of these documents is often tedious and time-consuming, River City Writing (RCW) offers writing assistance as a service for executives.  Examples of documents that RCW writes include:

  •  business plans,
  •  marketing plans,
  •  communication plans, and
  •  action plans to address leadership development and team building. 

The content and format of these documents depends on the audience and business goals.

RCW also helps with the development of materials in support of businesses’ marketing plans.  For example, in coordination and collaboration with key business staff persons, RCW writes

  •  copy for websites,
  •  content for social marketing campaigns,
  •  brochure text,
  •  media kits, and
  •  newsletters.