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Julie N.
73d ago

She was concise and a stickler for detail, but always had my budget in mind. She gave me 3 great resumes to work with and I couldn't be happier with them. Much better than what I could have done. I highly recommend her.

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 “It’s so easy to get “stuck in the everyday weeds” of running your own business and undermine your strategic thinking. I know. As a business writer with a mission to provide information that will benefit my readers, move them forward in their financial or work lives and reinforce the fact that knowledge is power, I’ve often fallen into that trap. That’s when I’ve turned to River City Writing. Karen Bodenhorn and her staff provide the coaching to get me back on track. They help me compartmentalize, prioritize and develop the roadmap to move forward with new and improved ways of doing business. When I want to get smart myself, I turn to River City Writing to streamline my business processes and create new and better opportunities for my writing business.”   

Barbara M., August, 2015

 I worked with Karen Bodenhorn on several projects over a period of nearly 10 years while I was employed at the California Department of Developmental Services and later as Director of Clinical Services at Alta California Regional Center. As a project manager, Karen consistently demonstrated that she possesses a high level of skill in communicating, organizing, managing and executing complex projects. In fact, one of the projects involved the development of guidelines for collaboration (Best Practices in Inter-Organizational Collaboration). Each of her projects lasted two or more years in length and resulted in published documents that are still in use by parents and professionals, e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guide to Evidence-based Interventions and Autism Spectrum Disorders: Best Practices for Screening, Diagnosis, and Assessment. Karen demonstrates remarkable sensitivity to the needs of her clients and consistently finds creative ways to take advantage of available resources to ensure that her client’s goals are met. Years of experience have equipped her with excellent writing skills and a breadth of experience that enables her to plan and offer quality guidance. She is effective in assisting others in reaching their professional goals.

Ron H, Ph.D., August, 2015

River City Writing is a lifesaver! Karen Bodenhorn guided me to refresh my business plan, set specific goals, and suggest ideas to excite my customers. By doing this, River City Writing helped me take my business to the next level. It has helped me with my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, speech writing, creating my website as well as develop marketing materials. I found River City Writing to be exceptional in their business strategy formation, market planning, and technical writing. They have years of experience and there is no one in Sacramento like them!

Debbie O.  August 20, 2015