Career Help: Writing Resumes and Cover Letters



Having an error-free, easy-to-read resume is a must.  Although final hiring decisions are rarely based upon resume alone, they are important door want an interview.  When competing with a bevy of other talented applicants, you want to be certain your resume reflects who you are, what you want, and what you can do for your ideal employer. 

There is no universal resume format; River City Writing collaborates with their clients to select a format that showcases

  •  what their clients want
  •  why the client is qualified to do the job,
  •  their experience, and
  •  achievements. 

We encourage clients to create slightly different resumes for different positions—focusing the reader’s attention on those duties that are most relevant to the specific job opening.

Cover Letters

Know your audience. Cover letters are an opportunity to demonstrate to the employer that the client has general knowledge of the organization or company that is hiring—its products/services and goals—and can help the company meet it goals.  River City Writing (RCW) works with clients to craft letters that do not repeat content in the resume; instead, the letters detail how the qualifications of the client can help the company succeed.